Monday, June 15, 2009

Time for another shot of common sense?

Let's face it, everybody knows that the federal government is completely out of hand and can't be trusted to tell the people the truth about anything. With the media as willing accomplices, you have to realize that everything coming from the media is just more "wag the dog", or may as well be.

So, how can you sustain your fear of government, to the point that you are immobilized?

The federal jurisdiction seems to be breaking your laws everyday, so you believe that it has that right somehow. The federal jurisdiction taxes its subjects into the ground, and you do nothing because you believe that you are one of its subjects.

You even ask it to give you back the Republic that you gave up since it has been telling you for 70 years that they replaced it with a democracy. Somehow, and some mysterious way. You are convinced that they are liars, yet you believe every word when they explain to you that you have no power, only they do.

Common sense should tell you that if they had any power, besides that which you are not using, they wouldn't need to have sycophants on TV all day long telling you how powerful they are, hear and obey, resistance is futile. What can you do?

First, stop believing the BS, start applying some common sense.

1. America is the first country in the world where authority is held by the People.

The Declaration that established that truth has never been repealed. Check it out.

2. The People chartered the federal government by authoring (authorizing) a Constitution, and with it, the People gave the federal jurisdiction limited power.

The important thing here is that the few powers that the federal jurisdiction has, come from the People. Also, the federal jurisdiction is completely within the jurisdiction of the People, not the other way around.

Of course, the federal jurisdiction is never going to tell you this, because it means that you can re-establish the Republic anytime that you want. Lucky for them that you won't believe that, and that you do believe that you need permission from them to do anything.

Your belief in their BS can hold you still long enough for them to get the chains on you that you used to have them tied up with.

The Constitution has never been repealed either, and it is obviously not broke, because the federal jurisdiction is using it to convince you that it is broke, and that is working just fine. It is only broke for those that do not know how to use it.

It is easy to learn, when you just apply a little common sense. The Liberty Letter will tell you how.

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